A very simple webpage. This is an "h1" level header.

This is a level h2 header.

This is a level h6 header. Pretty small!

This is a standard paragraph.

Now I've aligned it in the center of the screen.

Now aligned to the right

Bold text

Strongly emphasized text Can you tell the difference vs. bold?


Emphasized text Just like Italics!

Here is a pretty picture: Pretty Picture

Same thing, aligned differently to the paragraph: Pretty Picture

How about a nice ordered list!

  1. This little piggy went to market
  2. This little piggy went to SB228 class
  3. This little piggy went to an expensive restaurant in Downtown Palo Alto
  4. This little piggy ate too much at Indian Buffet.
  5. This little piggy got lost

Unordered list

Nested Lists!

And finally, how about some Links?

Or let's just link to another page on this server

Remember, you can view the HTMl code from this or any other page by using the "View Page Source" command of your browser.